CPA, CA, President, Pilot, PRM

Trained as an accountant at MNP LLP, Ken’s son Jesse joined the team at Upper Valley Aviation Ltd. in 2007. Jesse is a CPA, CA and has worked with his father, Ken in the industry since he was a boy. Jesse is also a pilot. After attending college, Jesse went back to work for UVA for the summer as a paint prepper as he had done in the past but decided to seek out further eductation and went on MNP to earn his designation as a Chartered Professional Accountant. Jesse is looking after more of the day-to-day as Ken moves to taking on purely a sales and over-seeing role in the company.

AME(M1), AME(S), Pilot, QA Manager

Mike has been at UVA for over five years now.  He is persuing his Project Management certification, is a pilot and holds both his M1 and S ratings.  Mike took on the role as QA manager in 2019 and handles our QA functions and processes most paperwork related to work orders and maintenance releases.

Founder, Sales, Director, Pilot

With more than 10,000 hours piloting small aircraft and 30 years in the aviation industry, Ken knows all the nuances that transform a good plane into a great plane. Founder and President, Ken remains at the helm of Upper Valley Aviation Ltd. and is actively involved in operations and sales.


Jess Alfonso holds two MBAs, one in Business and one in Finance.  He speaks English and Spanish.  Jess partnered with Ken Smith in the late 1990s and has been instrumental in helping facilitate growth and success at UVA.